Ratafia Kaszubska 0,5L 30%

Ratafia Kaszubska is an infusion made in a traditional manner from ripe cherry fruit and a rich composition of herbs and spices. The technological process requiring knowledge and commitment consists in maceration of the ingredients in the highest-quality alcohol for the proper period of time.

The infusion, after appropriate sweetening and setting at the required alcohol content, is subjected to the aging process. The infusion prepared in this way matures for weeks to produce its particular sensory features. The unique packaging, with the use of traditional patterns and colourful Kashubian embroidery, perfectly matches the natural, unique nature of the product.


Kashubian Ratafia in Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of Poland’s Wedding to the Sea 0,5L 30%

Herb and green walnut liqueur 30% vol.

  • Hand crafted using natural ingredients only.
  • The rich composition of 14 herbs used in the liqueur’s production come only from Polish producers, with over 30, 40 years of herbal tradition, collecting and producing medicinal fruits and herbs; classic spices and the produce of organic farming.
  • The liqueur is based on a green walnut macerate.
  • The highest-quality alcohol used in maceration of nuts and herbs and in the final product composition is produced in Poland, only from grains grown in Poland.