Liqueurs, like magic drinks, stimulate the senses with their colour, taste and scent. In the vast world of spirits, they are a unique category due to the endless possibilities of combination with other beverages, meaning we can enjoy tasty drinks, cocktails, or a delicious addition to a sophisticated dessert.

Mundivie has produced its “Dream Liqueur” for twenty years. During this time, we have managed to create over twenty various liqueurs. The unusual bottle, resembling a woman’s figure, is a characteristic and constant element of Dream Liqueur.

Dream Amaretto

Mundivie Amaretto Dream is a liqueur whose history is related to Italy, with a sweet, slightly bitter taste, made from almonds or apricot kernels, peaches and cherries. It has a beautiful amber colour. Amaretto is the main ingredient in numerous drinks. It is also often added to coffee, chocolate, desserts and cakes.

Taste and scent: sweet, nutty.

Dream Blue Curacao

Mundivie Blue Curaçao Dream is a sweet orange liqueur with a blue colour. It owes its name to a variety of bitter oranges that, in turn, took their name from the original place of cultivation – one of the Antillean islands – Curaçao. The intense blue colour comes from a tasteless blue colorant.

Taste and scent: sweet, orange.

Dream Cocos

Mundivie Cocos Dream is a sweet, colourless liqueur with a clear and pure coconut aroma. It is the basis for creating plenty of tropical fruit cocktails.

Taste and scent: sweet, coconut.

Dream Creme de Bananes

Mundivie Creme de Bananes Dream is a sweet banana liqueur perfect for preparing sunny, holiday drinks. It is characterised by a pleasant, banana aroma and taste, as well as a warm yellow colour.

Taste and scent: sweet, banana.

Dream Cucumber & Basil

Mundivie Cucumber & Basil Dream is an unusual liqueur produced by maceration of cucumber and basil in the best alcohol, followed by distillation. Owing to the addition of sugar and colorant, we have been able to bring out the characteristic flavour and aroma of this refreshing duo of cucumber and basil.

Taste and scent: refreshing, cucumber and basil.

Dream Ginger

Mundivie Ginger Dream is a dry ginger liqueur, perfect for warming up during rainy autumn days and winter evenings. It is characterised by a beautiful golden colour, and its taste is distinguished by the notes of spice, raw ginger and lemon peel.

Taste and scent: spicy, ginger, delicate note of lemon.

Dream Melon

Mundivie Melon Dream is a light, tropical, refreshing liqueur with a sweet melon flavour.

Taste and scent: sweet, melon.

Dream Orange & Elderflower

Mundivie Orange & Elderflower Dream is a liqueur manufactured from a combination of ripe orange peel with fresh elderberry blossom. The combination of orange peel, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, with elderberry flowers rich in beta carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus ensures the taste and health properties of our liqueur.

Taste and scent: sweet, orange with a note of elderberry flower.

Dream Peach

Mundivie Peach Dream is a sweet liqueur with a peach flavour. The concentrated, strongly fruity flavour of juicy peach makes it perfect either on its own, with ice or as an ingredient in numerous drinks and desserts.

Taste and scent: sweet, peachy.

Dream Triple Sec

Mundivie Triple Sec Dream is a colourless sweet liqueur with an orange flavour. It is characterised by the mild and pure taste of sweet and bitter orange peels.

Taste and scent: bitter-sweet, orange.