The Crown of the Kingdom of Poland is the customary name of the Polish state in the Middle Ages and later on. Wódka Korona Polska Leżakowana takes on the flavour and aroma of the 225 L barrel in which it matures. The tree on the label is a symbol of strength and peace, stability and confidence, as well as the long history of the Polish state, while also emphasising the aging in oak barrels.

The vodka is made from the finest grain spirit, distilled four-times, originating exclusively from Poland and aged in two stages in oak vats, 225 L barrels made of Polish oak and subjected to two-stage filtration.

Tasting notes:

Presentation: Clear, straw colour.

Scent: Pleasant, delicate, slightly oaky with vanilla notes.

Taste: Well-balanced, slightly spicy but delicate.

Finish: Medium to long.