It has been known since the dawn of time that vodka based on pepper has warming properties, alleviating symptoms of cold and flu, stimulating the circulatory system and soothing stomach discomfort.

Polowaca Pieprzówka Góralska is a flavoured vodka based on peppercorn extract. The natural macerate is prepared by pouring alcohol over black pepper. After the liquid is drained from the solids, the resulting infusion is used to produce Pieprzówka.

The vodka is made from Polish grain alcohol, and all stages of production take place in Poland. It is lightly sweetened, has a rich aroma and spicy flavour finished with a delicate sweet note.


This sort of product has been given numerous names by consumers in Polish. The word “bimber” (moonshine) was added to the Polish dictionary as late as 1958; however, its history dates back to 19th century villages, where its production flourished.

Polowaca Bimber Góralski is a flavoured vodka that reflects the true character of traditional Polish moonshine. Balanced, lightly fruity, with a sweet taste and aroma, the spirit will appeal to both supporters of the old moonshine and those looking for more modern flavours.

It is manufactured by combining Polish grain alcohol and fruit distillates aged in oak barrels, lightly sweetened. The highlander ornaments on the label emphasise the local character of the beverage. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, the resulting blend is characterised by its balanced taste with discernible fruit and grain notes.


The history of “Przepalanka” dates back to the 18th century. According to the records of those times, the addition of properly roasted sugar at the right point in beverage production was the secret ingredient giving Przepalanka its excellent flavour.

Polowaca Przepalanka Góralska is a vodka with browned sugar and toffee flavour. It is made of high-quality Polish grain spirit, with traditional Polish rye as the main ingredient and with the addition of flavour components. Roasted sugar vodka is a traditional drink in the mountain regions, still enjoyed at almost every wedding.

Taste: roasted sugar, toffee.


According to the records of the city of Lviv, lemons appeared in our country as early as the 15th century. The appearance of a new fruit in the country aroused great interest among Poles and a willingness to experiment with it. Apart from making jam, juice and other preserves, attempts were made to successfully use the fruit in making infusions.

Cytrynówka is a traditional vodka made for generations from lemon juice and a composition of natural lemon peel extracts. Its unique flavour comes from the properly selected proportions.

Taste and scent: sweet, lemony.


Various types of orzechówka have been produced for medicinal purposes since the dawn of time. The nuts used for its production have amazing health properties that support digestion. It can be made from a variety of nuts without affecting their health properties, only changing the taste. Hazelnuts are distinguished by a very delicate taste and soft aroma.

Orzechówka Góralska Polowaca is an exceptionally aromatic liqueur made from hazelnuts. The highest-quality grain alcohol, distilled five times, and the best-quality flavour components are used in its production.

Taste and scent: sweet, nutty.


Wiśniówka is a traditional vodka manufactured for generations as a result of infusion and maceration of juicy, ripe cherries in spirits.

Wiśniówka Góralska Polowaca is a traditional cherry vodka produced only from the highest-quality grain alcohol, distilled five times, and natural flavour components.

Taste and scent: sweet, cherry.


Żurawinówka is a traditional vodka made from cranberries for generations. Its unique taste comes from the properly selected proportions.

Żurawinówka Góralska Polowaca is a cranberry liqueur manufactured only from the highest-quality grain alcohol, distilled five times, and flavour components. Due to the presence of natural ingredients, sediment may appear.

Taste and scent: sweet, cranberry.