Infusions, once called cordials, were probably brought to Poland by King Henry III Walezy (Henri de Valois). They were popular in the house of every magnate, noble or bourgeois family, and their recipes were carefully guarded and passed on from generation to generation.

Infusions are alcoholic extracts of fruits, flowers, roots or herbs. Apart from their taste values, they also have healing properties.

True Infusions Forest Fruit 26%

The Forest Fruit Infusion is very aromatic. It is obtained in the first stage of maceration of a secret composition of berries in combination with high-quality alcohol, and undergoes long maturing.

Taste and scent: sweet, harmonious, berries – wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries.

True Infusions Dogwood 21%

Dogwood fruit infusion is an old noble liquor, called the queen of infusions, a delicacy served on palace and court tables, a symbol of fineness, unique taste and aroma. Despite its unique qualities, the infusion was a bit forgotten, mainly because of the low availability of the fruit.

The fruit itself is tart and sour. However, when combined with alcohol in the maceration process, it gives the infusions their unique flavour.

Taste and scent: sweet and tart, refreshing.

True Infusions Elderberry 26%

Elderberry infusion is a delicious liqueur full of wild elderberry flavour with notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee, extracted in the process of fruit maceration in high-quality alcohol. The tincture obtained in this manner, being the essence of the infusion’s excellent taste, is matured after combining with other ingredients, during which it takes on its mature character.

Taste and scent: sweet, coffee, with a characteristic hint of elderberry fruit.

True Infusions Sea Buckthorn 26%

Sea buckthorn grows mainly in coastal areas. Its yellow fruit resemble rowan and are considered to be one of the most nutritious, rich in vitamins and trace elements. Despite the rather sour and tart taste, our experts are able to bring out their sweetness with a characteristic note of citrus, peach and pineapple.

True Infusion Sea Buckthorn develops its characteristic features during fruit maceration and the beneficial effect of time in the aging process.

Taste and scent: sweet and tart, fruity, slightly citrus.

True Infusions Cherry 21%

The Cherry Infusion, owing to its unique taste and excellent pro-health properties, is considered the queen of Polish infusions. It is characterised by its unique ruby colour and the intense flavour of fresh cherries with a delicate note of cherry pit.

Taste and scent: sweet, cherry, delicate note of pit.

True Infusions Cranberry 26%

Cranberry Infusion is distinguished by an extremely intense colour. Cranberries are valued both for their beneficial effects on health and for their original flavour and scent.

Taste and scent: sweet, cranberry.

True Infusions Raspberry 21%

Raspberry Infusion is valued for its gentle, fruity profile and beautiful colour. Raspberries have been used to prepare traditional infusions from the earliest years due to their pleasant taste and aroma.

Taste and scent: sweet, harmonious, raspberry.

True Infusions Quince 26%

Quince Infusion is considered to be one of the best infusions due to its great taste and aroma. Although quince fruit tastes very sour, it is perfect for making jams, compotes and, of course, infusions.

True Infusion Quince is a very aromatic infusion of ripe fruit, characterised by the unusual colour and aroma of the “Polish lemon”, as well as a sweet and sour taste. It acquires its distinctive features during fruit maceration and long aging.

Taste and scent: sweet and sour.

True Infusions Strawberry 21%

The infusion based on Polish strawberries has been created owing to the preserved traditional recipe. It owes the characteristic flavour, unique colour and full aroma to fruit maceration and a long aging process.

Taste and scent: sweet, gentle.