SPATEA Earl Grey Liqueur 36%

Spatea is the result of many years of work by our experts in creating a unique liqueur with a complex, perfectly balanced composition. The plum distillate being the base of the product gains character while aging in Polish oak barrels.

The original and exquisite style of the liqueur is obtained owing to use in production of the highest-quality Earl Grey tea, with its characteristic note of bergamot oil. The composition is completed by very aromatic multi-flower honey from summer-blooming flowers, with a beautiful, amber colour and unique, amazing sweetness. This is complemented by a rich composition of aromatic herbs and spices.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Clear liquid with a deep amber colour.

Scent: Plum spirit and rum with spices and dried fruit.

Taste: Plum distillate with spices, with a perceptible note of rum.

Aftertaste: Long, dry.



In 2016, SPATEA Earl Grey 500mL 36% liqueur made its debut and received a bronze medal at the international MicroLiquor Spirit Awards for small and developing brands on the spirits market.

During the contest, the liqueur was also awarded a gold medal in the packaging design category.