Spitzberg Aged Polish Vodka

Spitzberg (Palenica) is the name of a mountain in the Silesian Beskids, bordering on the region in which our distillery is located. Spitzberg vodka is aged in 200L Polish oak barrels. It holds the protected geographical indication “Polska Wódka / Polish Vodka”, which means that it is made from alcohol derived only from traditional Polish grains, and all the stages of production take place in Poland.

Tasting notes Spitzberg 2016:

Aroma: Delicate marzipan, chocolate and toffee notes.

Taste: Balanced, full, subtle vanilla.

Finish: Short to medium.

Aftertaste: Medium, vanilla.


Tasting notes Spitzberg 2017:

Aroma: Honey, sweet, delicate.

Taste: Beautiful, light fullness, silky in the mouth, simply exceptionally well-balanced.

Finish: Marvelous.

Aftertaste: Exquisite.