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Our story


Firma z Jasienicy prowadzi działalność w oparciu o tradycje i innowacje. Tradycje sięgają 1888 roku. Pomysły na innowacje czerpiemy codziennie, inspirując się wyobraźnią i otoczeniem.


Since 1888, numerous generations have built a solid foundation for the company, whose business is now based on tradition, imagination and innovation. They are the foundation of the brand in which individual products have their own autonomy, identification and authentic values.


Be creative and innovative.

Creativity and innovation provide strength and legitimacy for further development. They allow us to continually renew our range of products.

Remember one’s roots.

When looking to the future, we always respect our unique heritage.

Strive for perfection.

We do not compromise. We care about the quality of workmanship and pay special attention to the details and perfection.



During two periods (1888–1990 and 1996–2018), we became efficient entrepreneurs due to our performance and quick response. We stimulate individual initiative, entrusting employees with significant responsibilities so that they take risks and become persistent. We require pragmatic thinking and skills among individual team leaders in motivating people to achieve ambitious goals.


The company considers itself a member of all world communities in which it operates and is present. This presence involves responsibility for people and the environment, as well as concern for food safety.

People are treated fairly and with dignity. We value diversity, passion and love. We support talents and encourage co-creation of our brand.

Every day, we commit ourselves to economic, ecological activities, and those aimed at social welfare.

Social responsibility relates to our activities in the environment of small regions in which we work.