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We offer you contract manufacturing services – we provide a professional level of order processing, reliable know-how and comprehensive assistance in product design, recipe development, laboratory trials and testing, as well as in production.



Recipe development from laboratory to production scale


Modification of the compositions of existing products


Small-scale series production, preparation of the technological process to meet customer needs


Development of analytical methods, technological transfers


Testing of the purity of laboratory samples


Validation and revalidation of analytical methods


Contamination testing in our own laboratory and in a certified foreign laboratory


Performance of organoleptic tests by our own and foreign experts


Physical and chemical tests of laboratory trials, pre-production testing


Performance of stability tests and storage tests


Storage of samples up to five years


Release to trading

Safety and liability standards

The organisation operates on the basis of the highest standards of food quality and safety, which are based on HACCP, GMP and GHP. This is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2006 and BRC certificates obtained by the company. We strive for the safe use of our products. We inform our customers that alcohol abuse is dangerous to health; therefore, one should not forget to drink responsibly.


Certificate according to the BRC Global for Food Safety standard (PDF)

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice (PDF)

PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (PDF)

PN-EN ISO 22000:2018 Certificate (PDF)

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Certificate (PDF)