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23-24.06 Rum Love Festival in Wroclaw

We would like to invite you to visit us on this year's Rum Love Festival in Wroclaw. You will have opportunity to taste our products such as Casa Hamaca Ron del Caribbean Blanco and Negro, Rum Ron Perla del Norte, Rum Stroh, Matusalem, Cachaca.

The Rum Love Festival is an extraordinary opportunity to experience new flavours and aromas of the world's best rums. Festival guests for two days will move to the magic land overflowing with this aromatic drink.

For the past three editions, the Rum Love Festival was organised in the Wroclaw's Congress Centre at the Centennial Hall. This year the festival will take place at the Dąbie Time Depot Centre on 23rd and 24th June.

During the three editions, the festival was visited by 3,500 people and numerous workshops, training sessions and tastings were held. Many attractions awaited the guests, which stimulated the senses and palates by showing the extraordinary world of rum.